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Billy Higgins puts together an Irish Golf Classic you cant Beat

South Boston's Billy Higgins continues his efforts to support young people in Limerick, Ireland through the Southill Children's fund which was formed in 1985. At that time, Billy Higgins and State Sen. Jack Hart shown at last year's Limerick-Boston Golf Classic held in IrelandHiggins had gone to Southill, a section of Limerick and witnessed firsthand the problems kids were facing growing up in a housing project that much reminded Higgins of his own childhood grown-up in South Boston's lower end. Continue reading

Trauma of Southill kids as bad as in war zone

Southill children are as traumatized as children living in war zones according to a renowned education psychologist.

In an open letter to Limerick City Council, the parish priest of Southill, describes the shocking findings of psychologist Stuart Shankar, who spent time in the troubled estate last year.

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People need help now not later, says Boston activist

I DRIVE up to O'Malley Park and Southill these days and it's very depressing how bad things have got," says Billy Higgins, the retired Boston businessman who has donated thousands of euro to the community for over the past 20 years.

Billy is sitting in a cafe in Roxboro on the day Limerick Regeneration Agency publishes the master plan that aims to transform Southill over the next 10 years.  He recognizes the history of the occaission but he says people living in Southill need help now and not just over the course of the next decade.  Existing problems can't be put on the long finger with the promise of regeneration.

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Grandmothers despair at being forced from Southill

Local Criminals in Southill are forcing families from their homes through campaigns of intimidation and violence[/caption]Criminal intimidation tearing the heart of the community, as Council services all but ceases

    A CITY grandmother who was forced to abandon her house in Southill after a campaign of intimidation as described how seeing her house being demolished on TV "tore through my heart".

The woman, who wishes to be known only as J., had been forced out by "gangs of teenagers and children as young as six or seven" and at the bidding of local criminals.

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Adare choir ‘on song’ for US trip

An Adare based choir will travel to Boston this July to do a series of fund raising concerts in aid of both needy local and American schools.


Twenty-two members of the Holy Trinity Choir will take part in 12 concerts over 10 days and half the funds raised will stay in the Boston parishes where they perform and half will be brought home to benefit Southill Junior School and Adare’s Holy Trinity School.

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