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Southill Children's Fund is a 100% volunteer based non-profit, none of our staff are on a payroll. 100% of the donations received go directly to benefit the children


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Showing theres a way out

S. Boston businessman helping kids of Limerick When money was needed for air fare to bring 60 kids and a priest from Limerick, Ireland, to Boston for three weeks next July, Billy Higgins didn't think twice about coming up with $27,000 of his own. "I had a hard time growing up and I think it's important to show these kids there is a way out,"  Higgins, 44, now a South Boston businessman, said recently.  "What we're trying to do is to give these kids a better childhood and a sense of dignity.  I think we can do that through sports." Rev.  Josepth P. Young, a 32-year-old Catholic priest who has been working for the last eight years with disadvantaged boys and girls of Holy Family Parish in the Southill section of Limerick, is the reason Higgins has let his work slide at his various business interests - his Nautilus fitness center, his service station and his used car business - to organize a dinner to raise funds for the Father Joe Young Association on April 16th at Pier 4. Continue reading

About the Gaelscoil Sheoirse Clancy School

Gaelscoil Sheoirse Clancy was founded in 1986. The demand for a Gaelscoil came from the local community and it's success is a tribute to the people of Southill. Parents who exercised their constitutional right to opt for the education of their children through Irish have stood by the school through many adversities. Continue reading

They wrecked our home and left us with nothing

I AM old now, old beyond my years. Exposure to violence, beatings, abandonment and abuse has scrawled lines on my heart and face that will never be removed. I am facing the end of my life with the most terrible memories suffered in city during our "Tiger" years. Little did I think that my life would end like this. Continue reading

About the founder

IT HAS been 21 years since Billy Higgins first set foot in Limerick and since then his name has become inextricably linked to the development of Southill. The friendliness and warmth of the people on the south side of Limerick city led him to begin a series of exchange programmes between Southill and his home city of Boston and to fundraise for community developments in an area, he says, that is like his second home. Continue reading

Southill Junior School, Limerick

SOUTHILL Junior School was established in 1972 and caters for children from Junior infants up to second class. It is located in Southill and is attended by many local children, who often start at age 3 by attending the preschool, which is on the same grounds. foto by Keith Wiseman Continue reading