Southill Children's Fund is a 100% volunteer based non-profit, none of our staff are on a payroll. 100% of the donations received go directly to benefit the children


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Any person wishing to become a friend of the Southill Children’s Fund may do so by making a contribution.

The Southill Children’s Fund is a 501c(3) status organization, for many people this means that your donations can now be matched by your employer. Most employers who will match charitable donations will only do so if the non-profit has their 501c(3) status.

All friends of the Southill Children’s Fund will receive a copy of the annual report. The annual report will keep you up to date as to the events and progress of the Southill Children’s Fund.

Thank you for your support!

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If you would like to make a donation by mail, please send your donations to:

Southill Children’s Fund
47 Farragut Road
South Boston, MA 02127
Phone: (617)-201-6077

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Make a recurring donation

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