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12 Days in Boston, Special Commemorative Edition – Boston City Paper


Our Irish visitors must have been happy to be a tourist as the next Mass would be Saturday.  Among the highlights was a trip to the popular Wrentham Outlets, a favorite destination for shoppers from Ireland the past several years around Christmas time.  These shoppers from Erin’s green shores are known to shop until they drop not just for themselves, but for family and friends who give them lots of Euros to convert to many more American dollars.  The Wrentham shoppers from Limerick who I spoke with talked mainly about the clothes they were able to purchase as gifts for those back home.  Nothing for themselves, mind you, just for everyone but.

Ireland is of course a nation of golfers with some of the finest courses in the world.  Billy Higgins loves to golf too and he led the visit to the Presidential Golf Course in nearby Quincy, the City of Presidents.  It is the only city in America to have two Presidents.  It is also called the Granite City and its granite quarries attracted a huge Italian population in the early 1800s to cut, shape and ship the peculiar brownish/yellowish granite which was use in the construction of some of America’s most significant architectural buildings.  This current TV season has featured the Adams Chronicles weekly TV series which may be available on Irish television.

Eleven Limerick golfers joined their American Irish counterparts including Dorothy Teskey, 73 years young and a Lady Captain at the Adare Golf Club.  “She’s a very good golfer,” said Higgins.

Not everyone was into golf however, and a small contingent drove down to Cape Cod where they boarded the ferry to Nantucket Island.  Billy’s daughter Denise rented a van and they were gone from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., quite a day’s journey.

Other took the time to visit the nearby South Shore Plaza, a typical regional shopping mall, one of the first in the nation which opened in 1960 and has undergone many transformations but is still one of the top shopping destinations in the state.  “They loved the Mall,” said Higgins.

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