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12 Days in Boston, Special Commemorative Edition – Boston City Paper


After awakening and enjoying the most important meal of an Irish person’s day; breakfast, off they went on a two hour trolley tour of America’s most historic city.

Boston – The Athens of America.
Beantown, USA.
Where American History Begins.

The tour ended at the home of the Golden Dome, The State House of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  There they were welcomed by State Senator Jack Hart and given a guided tour where along the way they stopped to sing for the State Senate and then the House of Representatives.  They weren’t done yet.  Out comes the Governor, Deval Patrick, an African-American only recently elected to serve the people of America’s most Irish state.  There are many people who believe that Barack Obama might just pull a Deval Patrick and become the first African-American President.  The two are very close friends.

For the Governor, the family sang “May The Road Rise To Meet You.”  The Governor was surely pleased as he greeted each member warmly.  The choir members really enjoyed learning about the history of the State House from Senator Hart and Rep. Paul Kujawski, a Democrat from Webster, MA far from the city of Boston.  Rep.  Kujawski is a good friend of Billy’s son Billy Jr.  and was also very helpful in other areas of this trip too.

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