Southill Children's Fund is a 100% volunteer based non-profit, none of our staff are on a payroll. 100% of the donations received go directly to benefit the children


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Our Mission

Our Vision and Values

We have a vision to provide access and opportunity to children who are in need, specifically in Southill, an area in the southern part of Limerick, Ireland.

We have been working to help children for over 32 years.  Our fundraising has helped provide the tools and structure necessary to encourage education, which is the key to overcome hardship, and violence among our children.

We have been working to help children since 1985.

We have created programs to encourage education, participation in sports and extra-curricular activities.

We have brought 100s of children from Ireland to Boston as well as brought children from Boston to Ireland.

With the right tools and guidance, education is the key to overcome the extreme challenges the children of Southill must face everyday

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A distressed area in southern Ireland, known as Southill.

Unemployment rates 4 times national average

Adult formal education at %50

2/3 of population are under 18.

High crime rates have been contributed to by gangland feuds, turf wars.

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